WINE Concept

A common heritage…

In all wine-producing countries in the world, there are Wines that have become references and in many cases have been confused with the region itself or the producer. This is due to their high quality, resulting from the harvest of an exceptional year, uniqueness or the ultimate embodiment of a specific Terroir. These Wines inhabit our imagination and become unattainable for many. Portugal, being one of the oldest wine producers in the world, is no exception.

As Vestigius is considered a reference for valuing Wine, we immediately thought on how to make this Treasure available to our customers. We started looking for private cellars in auctions, directly with the producers. We are proud to share our Wine heritage which is our Cellar.

We invite you to visit it and to enjoy the best we have to offer. From mythical Wines, to great harvesting years, big producers, vines or regions, enter and feel the same pride we do in contributing to the recognition of the Portuguese Wine. Our menu is based on diversity, providing medium range and high-end wines, of several Portuguese and foreign regions, within white, rosé, red, sparkling and Champagne, as well as Port, Madeira Wine and Moscatel. Some of these wines are available by the glass.