Permanent Calender


Private Events


Cellar Tuesdays | Discover a great heritage in the basement at Vestigius. From mythical wines, to exceptional harvests, and wine racks, feel the same pride we do by contributing to the recognition of the Portuguese wine and enjoy a 10% discount on all bottles to enjoy at Vestigius or take with you. 

Exhibition | Beginning of a new monthly exhibition, starting on the first Tuesday of each month. 


Milk ShakeUnlikely musicians throughout March and April. 


Comedy nights at Vestigius at 10:30pm Laugh it out!Every Thursday, a lead performer and three comedians occupy the stage at Vestigius to provide our customers one hour of pure laughter.
Comedians vary every week, in order to create a diverse sense of humour.
The names are published weekly on Vestigius’ Facebook page.


Live Music at 8:30 pm | Diogo Martins, our in-house musician, is a young musician who performs at Vestigius every Thursday. With over 250 performances on stage and a repertoire of covers in progress, he plays blues and rock from the 60’s to the 80’s, as well as adapting electronic music to an acoustic version.

Djs start at 11pm | Alfredo Chambel + André Caixaria + Yugo Dee + Leo Leonel