An essential component in Vestigius are the exhibitions, whether painting, drawing, photography or other areas and supports.

As in the Library, we also try to incorporate the basic concept of space.

We also intend to invest in promoting young artists from different Portuguese speaking communities and launch young or other unknown artists, who have excellent works and skills.

Every month Vestigius presents a new exhibition, trying to switch between the different categories mentioned above.

Past Exhibitions:

- “Do KWANZA ao TEJO” – In order to display the cultures of Portuguese-speaking countries, Vestigius and the Embassy of Angola worked together and welcomed their first exhibition “Do Kwanza ao Tejo”. A group exhibition, with three artists, two Angolan and one Portuguese

- “AGITAÇÃO” –An exhibition of Lyudmila Serrão, a young Ukrainian artist, who made this year her first solo exhibition at Vestigius, consisting of a set of paintings updating the universe of romantic and symbolic painting, and feelings of the uncertain and agitated times we live in.

- “MALENGA” –A Mozambican artist, names the art of tattooing and painting with the same word – dinembo. Of sharp and suggestive contrasts, his palette is primary and natural, clear and incisive, like a tattoo.

- “REGINA.A” –A photographic exhibition, which captures special moments, environments, symbols, popular icons, the architectural work and its meaning and historical value. The reality was presented without constraints in order to rephrase, recreate and overlap new realities that dialogued with her or sometimes merged.

- The nature and history of Albania, from Roland Tasho – a freelance Albanian photographer, with a photographic exhibition which revealed destinations to be explored, unique experiences and stories framed in scenarios that had only belonged to the imaginary, the unspoilt Albania.